Hello Summer!

Both kids finished school last week and we are officially full swing into summer vacation!  They both had great school years. I will admit, I'm sad my one on one time with Alayna has come to an end, but we did enjoy it :)  Next year will be another adjustment having both big kids in school all day.  Until then, we will soak up our summer!!

Alayna and her teacher Mrs. Meinders on the last day of school.

Alayna's class party at the park.

Ethan with his teacher Mrs. VanderWal on the last day of school.

 Ethan's end of the year class pool party

This was the last day of school, Alayna ended a few days before Ethan, and Stephen was finished as well, so at school drop off the youngest four Hekman siblings got to play in the sand for a bit :)

This marks the third year that we have gone to eat at BJ's on the last day of school to celebrate.

We've been out of school for a week today and we've been enjoying it!  We've gone swimming twice at Marlene's, went to the park, and really enjoyed the slower pace and not driving back and forth to school!  Plus, we get to have the whole day together :)

I don't want you to think I was actually relaxing long, because this lasted all of five minutes, haha.  Everett is high maintenance with the pool this year, so it will be a summer of trying to keep him happy for a while so that the big kids can swim.  Hopefully next year he'll be loving the water and using floaties :)

Dinner at the Flores' on Friday :)

Yay for summer break!!!!


Kelly said…
How fun that Ethan had an end of the year class pool party! Yes, I'm excited for no schedule summer days too!
Christy said…
We heart summer too! Sleeping in, slow mornings and me not nagging to get their school work done. I hope you guys have a wonderful summer!

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