Memorial Day

We had a really nice Memorial Day.  I love when we have an extra day off together.  Saturdays are always filled with chores and housework and yardwork and then sometimes photoshoots for me, Sunday is church and also sometimes photoshoots, so rare is the day where we don't have anything we have to do.  On Memorial Day we went for a little hike in the Crafton Hills after Everett took his morning nap.  It was cooler so it was perfect weather for hiking.

These bugs were cool looking, they seemed like a sort of wasp.  Of course I had to get a picture :) Not bad for a cell phone.

In the afternoon we went over to Marlene's and the kids enjoyed swimming and playing with their cousins, and we had a yummy meal.  

Everett got in the spa for the fist time, he enjoyed chilling for a bit with Matt :)

This picture cracks me up, Ethan was doing a jump off the diving board but I caught it too late, it just looks funny...


Christy said…
I think Ethan is the official photo bomber ha!
Christy said…
Shoot I meant Everette....I was thinking about how cool the photo of Ethan was jumping off the diving board and my brain had a short ha!

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