Prospect Park

Last week the kids and I went to Prospect Park one morning so that I could photograph Evangeline, who will be one in a couple of weeks.  Despite going to Prospect Park more times than I can count for photoshoots, I have never really taken my kids there.  They had a blast playing and exploring and especially playing in the bamboo. Before Jolene got there with her kids I snapped a few pictures of my three.  I was bummed I didn't dress them cuter as I didn't think I'd be photographing them, but the pictures are till cute :)

They were having fun helping Everett walk around for a bit.

Evangeline did great for her photos :)

The kids in their bamboo playhouse :)

Jolene and I were marveling on the fact that 13 years ago we were in this exact location taking my wedding pictures.  Now here we sit with our six children :)  God is good!!


Kelly said…
Yes, that place has so much to explore...I bet Alayna was in heaven!! :)

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