A visit with Grammy at her work

These Agapanthas in our front yard are tall, in fact they are taller than me!

I was outside pruning my roses and asked Alayna to keep an eye on Everett for a few minutes.  When I turned around this is what I saw... lol.  It was his first mud experience and he loved it!

 Everett got to eat his own ice cream cone after dinner one night.  As you can see from his face, he loved it!

Uncle Jerrod came over for dinner one night. It was nice to see him.

Alayna has never liked dolls.  What she has always loved is her little stuffed animals.  She has a little collection and she loves them.  Lately whenever she has gotten a new one, she has carried that certain animal with her AT ALL TIMES.  She wanted a picture with all of her recent favorites lined up :)

I got together with my friends from the credential program for our annual summer play date.  The kids were super excited to swim in Noreen's fun pool again.  It's always fun to see them and catch up.  Alayna was proud of herself for enjoying the waterslide this year.

 We recently celebrated our 13th anniversary.  Normally we go out, but this year everyone we have used for babysitting was out of town (and one moved away). While we would have preferred to go out, we made the best and had a date at home. We put Everett to bed and let the big kids watch a movie inside. We made steak, a lobster tail (for me), baked potato, mushrooms and asparagus.  It was yummy!

This kid wants to eat anything anyone else has!  He also thinks he needs to feed himself.

Sitting on big brother's skateboard

Alayna was very excited to have her friend Kendall over one morning.  They are so cute together. 
Everett has figured out how to open and close doors with these types of handles.  He thinks that is great!  He can now get outside if the door is not locked, lol.

We stopped by the Highland Library yesterday.  Everett enjoyed looking at the animals.

That's about it!  We're enjoying a low key week over here.  I have a crazy weekend ahead, second shooting a wedding Saturday, then I am shooting my own wedding Sunday, and I have family sessions Friday and Monday.


Kelly said…
Your friend's swimming pool looks amazing!!
Christy said…
Oh no! We are home now ha! Dang babysitter leaving town. ha! Happy anniversary!

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