We are home from our trip to New Mexico.  We were gone for 9 nights. It was a long trip, so we broke up the driving because we knew Everett would have a rough time with that portion. We stayed 2 nights in Sedona at a time share on the way, then 5 nights in New Mexico with the Oates, then 2 more nights in Sedona on the way back.

We expected the driving portion would be rough with Everett... and... it was!  haha.  The first day of driving to Sedona Everett did not sleep AT ALL.  It was the first day of his life that he did not nap. He spent a lot of the drive fussing and screaming.  It was rough!  The big kids did great.  We were all VERY happy to arrive in Sedona :)

We saw, and heard, way more of this face than we would have liked, lol.
There were some smiles, but overall it was rough!

We spent two nights at a gorgeous timeshare thanks to Marlene.  I had no idea how beautiful Sedona is! This was the view from our balcony.

We spent our full day exploring between Everett's naps, and went to Red Rock State Park.  It was very pretty, and also VERY hot that day.  We walked around a bit, went to the visitor center, and walked down a trail for a bit.  I brought along my good camera, but this was the only time I had it out on our trip.

The kids loved looking at the stuff in the visitor center. 

The kids of course enjoyed swimming as much as possible at the timeshare.  There was a cute splash pad at one of the pools as well.

After our two nights in Sedona, we packed back up and headed to New Mexico.  It was another rough drive for Everett, but we survived, and were very happy to arrive at Glorieta to visit the Oates!  I didn't get out my camera once, but I did take lots of cell phone pictures :)

Our first day we played a little put-put in the morning.  After lunch it thunder-stormed and ended up POURING for a few hours, so we just hunkered down and hung out inside.

We got to ride in the back of trucks at Glorieta, and didn't have to wear seatbelts, which the kids thought was fun :)  haha.  There's hardly any cars driving at the camp, and the speed limit is 14 mph.

The kids had fun wading in the water after the storm!

Our second day there we took a little hike up to this super neat three story tree house.  The kids loved the tree house, it was so cool! The little hike there and back was also beautiful.

Right after our hike we went over to the Zip Drop and Ethan, Alayna and I did it.  I was surprised Alayna followed through, but she ended up going twice.  I was proud!

Later that evening we went out to dinner in Santa Fe with just the adults and Gracie stayed back and watched the kids.  The Oates had a couple who are also from Yucaipa visiting for two of the days we were there because they were able to get their big girls into camp for free.  So we all went out and it was fun.  Their youngest daughter was Alayna's age and they had fun playing together. 

Our third day there we had great weather.  It was also the 4th of July.  We went on another little hike to the three story tree house.  Alayna and I enjoyed spotting the different wildflowers and taking pictures of them.

After lunch James took us in the gator up to the highest point in the camp, that they call "lookout point", and it had a great view of everything.  It was really pretty.

Later that afternoon we got to go over to the family camp section, which we were allowed to play in because they were between campers for the afternoon.  The kids had a blast playing there.  They had a giant foam pit, pool, air hockey, a big bounce house set up outside, a splash pad, and drift trikes you could ride around.  We all had fun playing!

The fourth full day we were there was so much fun.  We ended up being able to go on the  huge zip line.  Ethan, Matt and I all did it, along with the younger Oates boys and James.  We loved it!  Ethan ended up going on it three times, I was impressed!

We went and put Everett down for his nap and Faith stayed back with him while the rest of our family went and swam at the lake.  Matt, and James and I did the huge waterslides, the blob and the little zip line that drops you in the water.  It was fun!

The next day it was time for us to pack up and leave.  It was sad and we enjoyed our time with the Oates.  We had another fun day of driving with Everett (haha, you know I'm kidding), and went back to Sedona for two nights.

Yay, we have arrived!!!  No more driving!

Our full day in Sedona we went and explored the other side that is in a canyon, which is green and lush and next to the creek.  It is really beautiful and I had no idea there was a lush area to Sedona!  We had a picnic and hiked.  Unfortunately Everett was an absolute BEAST that day, and so crabby.  He screamed and fussed most of the day and we didn't get to spend too much time exploring.  I forgot to mention he cut three teeth during the week, so that could have been part of his problem!  Anyhow, we still made the best and would love to go back at some point.

We stopped by and saw this cool Chapel, which is built right into the rock.  We just drove by, Everett was done, so we didn't get out of the car.

Of course we did more swimming at the hotel:)

While Matt and the kids were swimming, and I was back with Everett who was napping, a huge thunderstorm rolled into the area.  They had to run back to the room and wait it out.  We sat out on our patio and watched it.  It was pretty cool!  We don't get storms like that.

The kids loved watching a movie in bed in their room.

The next morning we packed up and headed home!  Everett actually did the best in the car on this last day of driving. We had a really great trip!


Kelly said…
Sedona DOES look beautiful! So glad you had such a nice time, despite a cranky little guy. :) Maybe Alayna will be up for the waterslide at Yucaipa Regional after conquering the zipline! :)

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