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Beach Days

We finally took the kids to the beach during the last couple weeks of summer.  It went well, so we went again 6 days later.  While it's definitely more work taking a one year old, it's still our happy place and we all love it!  Everett loved it too :)
 We brought this little blow up pool for Everett and filled it with sea water.  It worked out great!

Everett was rolling in the sand.  He loved it!

Wishing we were back there, instead of back to the grind!!! haha

Finishing Up 16 Months

I have a few more pictures to post of Everett at 16 months :) These were all taken within the span of about 30 minutes during the last week of our summer break.  No more leisure mornings like this, now we are out the door by 7:45!

Waking up Sissy one morning :)  He loves to get in her bed.  She loves him too!  She's so sweet with him.

My boys, and Ethan is rocking some awesome bed head....

Oh wait, you have food Ethan....
Feed me!
Playing with the fan is always fun

This is how you hold your lovey if your hands need to do other things....

First Day of School

I have a lot to catch up on with blogging, it's been such a busy month.  I ended up being much busier than normal with work, which was nice of course, but also made things kind of hectic!

Today was the first day of school.  Ethan started second grade, and Alayna started all day Spanish Immersion Kindergarten.  Both kids were super excited and had great first days. We are excited for what the year holds!  I am sad and will miss Alayna, but I'm glad for the one on one time I've had with her the past two years.  Today was a minimum day, so tomorrow they will start in on reality!

Alayna with her teacher, Senora Pena.  Her class starts off with the teacher speaking 100% Spanish!  Crazy huh?  By 10 weeks in the students will be speaking it to each other in the classroom as well. 

Ethan with his teacher Mrs. Bottomly. We are excited for him to have her this year!  It's super crazy that this was the grade I was teaching when I got pregnant with him.  Time flies!

Last night …