Beach Days

We finally took the kids to the beach during the last couple weeks of summer.  It went well, so we went again 6 days later.  While it's definitely more work taking a one year old, it's still our happy place and we all love it!  Everett loved it too :)
 We brought this little blow up pool for Everett and filled it with sea water.  It worked out great!

Everett was rolling in the sand.  He loved it!

Wishing we were back there, instead of back to the grind!!! haha


Christy said…
Loving the beach pictures and the kids all covered in sand...good times! I hear you about the grind. While it's somewhat good to see my girls tackling school and having a routine, I also miss the warm sand, the beach and laid back no schedule days.
Kelly said…
So glad you second go-around was fun and non-traffic filled. :) And is going well, but I wish we were back at the beach...or at least on summer schedule too.
Kelly said…
p.s. My kids just went through all these pictures and loved the ones of Everett in the sand. :)

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