Finishing Up 16 Months

I have a few more pictures to post of Everett at 16 months :) These were all taken within the span of about 30 minutes during the last week of our summer break.  No more leisure mornings like this, now we are out the door by 7:45!

Waking up Sissy one morning :)  He loves to get in her bed.
 She loves him too!  She's so sweet with him.


My boys, and Ethan is rocking some awesome bed head....

Oh wait, you have food Ethan....

Feed me!


Playing with the fan is always fun

This is how you hold your lovey if your hands need to do other things....


Jerrod said…
Ethan's bed head is awesome! I think he gets that from Grammy....hahaha :)
Christy said…
He is on the go!!

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