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Playing with Flash

I was messing around trying to learn off camera flash the other night and thought I'd post a few of the photos because they are amusing :)  Ethan was just out of the shower and in miss-matched jammies, hehe.   I had a wedding this weekend, and I successfully used off camera flash for the first time.  I was quite pleased!

We let our kids have one can of soda a week, on family date night.  Ethan had a mostly empty can of root beer on the table, and Everett got ahold of it.  I love his face at the end. 

And here's a picture of me in action at this weekend's wedding, captured by Matt (my slave labor, haha).

Beach Getaway

We had the opportunity to stay two nights at a timeshare (courtesy of Marlene and her points) down at Capistrano Beach.  They only had mid week availability, so we pulled the kids out of school and Matt took three vacation days. It was well worth it!  The weather was PERFECT and we had such a great time. We made the most of it and headed down Wednesday morning and spent a full day at Newport Beach before checking into the hotel that evening.  September is usually so nice at the beach, and since it's after summer no one was there, it was great! The water was really warm too, we didn't feel cold at all swimming in the ocean!

Sand monster!
The sunset from our balcony at the timeshare. 
The second day we swam at Laguna Beach.  It was fun, but we only stayed a couple of hours because Everett needed a nap and the waves were breaking right on shore so the kids couldn't really swim. 

While Everett napped, I took the big kids swimming at the hotel.  We pretty much had the place …

Alayna's 6th Birthday

Alayna turned 6 this week. I feel like we partied all week, lol. We celebrated on her actual birthday, and then we also had a little party for her on the weekend.  I feel like turning 6 means the end of them seeming little, which is kind of sad.  Maybe it's because they are in school and just start seeming so much bigger.  Whatever the case, Alayna was very excited for her birthday :)

Ethan was so cute, he got Alayna a gift and made her a card and was very excited for her to open it.

Donuts on her birthday morning before school.  Breakfast of champions.

On Saturday Alayna had a few friends come over and we had a paint party for her birthday party.  It was so much fun.  I set up canvasses and paints for all the girls, and I had actually penciled the same design onto all of their canvasses, and then they got to paint.  Our little art loving girly was in heaven!

Ethan got to join in on the fun as well :)

Here is Alayna's finished product!

I love this girl so much!