Alayna's 6th Birthday

Alayna turned 6 this week. I feel like we partied all week, lol. We celebrated on her actual birthday, and then we also had a little party for her on the weekend.  I feel like turning 6 means the end of them seeming little, which is kind of sad.  Maybe it's because they are in school and just start seeming so much bigger.  Whatever the case, Alayna was very excited for her birthday :)

Ethan was so cute, he got Alayna a gift and made her a card and was very excited for her to open it.

Donuts on her birthday morning before school.  Breakfast of champions.

On Saturday Alayna had a few friends come over and we had a paint party for her birthday party.  It was so much fun.  I set up canvasses and paints for all the girls, and I had actually penciled the same design onto all of their canvasses, and then they got to paint.  Our little art loving girly was in heaven!

Ethan got to join in on the fun as well :)

Here is Alayna's finished product!

I love this girl so much! 

Jolene made Alayna a beautiful and tasty cake.  Alayna once again requested a rainbow cake, and Jolene granted her wish.  So sweet!

All of the artists with their masterpieces. 


Jerrod said…
I'm glad she had a wonderful birthday this year :)
Christy said…
Happy birthday girly! That all looks really fun!
zerry ht said…
Your daughter is really adorable dear and she is really cute. I also celebrated my daughter’s birthday at venues Chicago. It was great fun and everyone at the party loved the arrangements.

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