My Birthday

My birthday fell on a Monday this year, so we celebrated over the weekend.  On Friday the Flores' crew came over to our house and we had a yummy meal and a yummy dessert that Jolene brought.  It is always wonderful to spend time with them.

The only picture I took was of the kids eating.

On Sunday my mom made me my requested crab leg dinner, and I enjoyed it a lot!  The funniest part of the night was that she got me a pinata.  It was actually the first pinata I've ever had in my life.  We all got a good laugh out of it, and of course the kids loved the candy!  I was using a crutch to hit it because we didn't have a bat, lol!

I wasn't planning on doing anything on my actual birthday, but Lea and Teresa convinced me to go out for drinks, and I'm glad I did :)  It was a nice couple of hours chit chatting.

Thanks to everyone who made me feel special!!!


Kelly said…
I love the pinata!!
Teresa DiMillo said…
I can't believe you've never had a piñata, it's even harder to believe you don't have a bat! 😳 Actually, I guess it isn't for a non sports family. 😉 I'm SO glad we got out for your bday, it was fun times as usual.

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