So many moments to update....

I can't beleive it's been a month since I blogged.  Anything fun on the computer definitely takes a back seat this time of year, as I try to be super productive during the times I get to work.  We have had a great month, here are a few snippets from October, in no particular order....

Everett loves to walk the dog, lol.

Everett loves when his siblings get home from school, and especially when they will play with him.

A day off of school meant we could finally get to Oak Glen for some apple cider donuts and fresh air :)

Between these two... there's a lot of chaos!  lol.  This is why I get nothing done.

Nutella anyone?

Everett at his 18 month Doctor's appointment

Playing out front after school.

A selfie while we were getting our family photos taken.

Jolene and Evangeline came out one morning and we went to Oak Glen with the littles.  It was lovely!

Trying to play Trouble with Everett messing up the peices, lol. 

A little afternoon date with Ethan.  It's SO hard to find time to be able to take them out by themselves, and I love when we are able to do it (and so do they).

We went to Greenspot Farms for an hour after school one day.  That place is so cute.

Love these three pumpkins of mine so much!

The day before my birthday we went up to Jenk's Lake for a while and walked around.  The water is lower than normal, but it's still pretty!

Everett and Alayna watching the workers tear down the gazebo.

Alayna has had her fair share of sick days since starting kindergarten :(

Everett loves sweet potatoes, but he will not let anyone else feed him.  

I got to take Alayna out one night to meet up with Kendall and Kelly for dinner at Chick fil et, then we went to Taelyn's dance studio where the girls tried out a breakdancing class.  Alayna said she's okay if she doesn't do the dance class again, haha.  I wasn't surprised, she's not much for organized activities like that.

We met up with Flores crew at the Hemet Fair.  It was a cute little fair, and it was our first time ever going.


Kelly said…
I can't believe I've never taken the kids to get those cider donuts! Yes, that dance class was a big highlight for was playing beforehand. I sure miss our playdates with our girlies. :(

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