The Oates Visit and Matt's Birthday

We were SO very excited to have the Oates come and stay with us for 5 nights.  They packed A LOT into their visit and stayed quite busy.  The fun part was that we got to see them more than we otherwise would have, since they stayed with us.

They arrived on a Thursday and we hosted dinner.  It was so much fun to have everyone there.

                                                                   Everett loves Oatsey!

Thanks to my selfie stick, I got a cell phone picture of us all, lol.

The guys all wore their matching Glorieta Camp shirts that James got them.

The kids all love each other too!

Friday and Saturday they were busy all day long.  Saturday is when our family celebrated Matt's birthday.  Monday was his actual birthday, but that was the golf tournament. For breakfast I made him cinnamon rolls from scratch and we gave him his gifts.  We did housework all day, but then the Flores' came over for dinner.  I made a yummy pork tenderloin with an apple cider brandy glaze, and a yummy spagetti squash gratin.  Jolene brought homeade pumpkin pie. 

Sunday we went to church and then the Mercers had everyone over for dinner, so that was really nice.

Monday was WONDERFUL.  The guys went to the golf tournament (the whole reason they came over this particular weekend).  I think this was the 12th year these four have golfed together.  They always put together a ridiculous looking matching ensemble :)  And no, the other foursomes do not match, they just think it's fun :)

I had a babysitter come to watch my kids, and Faith and I spend the day at Glen Ivy.  We had such a relaxing day and the weather was perfect.  We layed in the sun, had drinks, floated on our rafts, did the mud, talked all day and relaxed!

We were sad to see them go!  It was so nice to have them here. 


Kelly said…
The weather DID look perfect! Glad you had such a nice, kid-free day.

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