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Everett's First Haircut

We finally got Everett's haircut.  He was 19 1/2 months old.  It was starting to look scrappy, so it was time.  We were sad, because it makes them look so much older when they get their hair cut!  He did great and he looks handsome :)

Ethan's 8th Birthday

Ethan turned 8 on November 1st.  He has been wanting a new bike for quite some time, so we splurged and got him a very nice bike that is very light and should last him until he moves up to an adult size.  He's been in heaven riding it all around :)

Everett was excited too, hehe.

We had a little party for him.  It was a Raingutter Regatta and turned out so cute.  This was the first time we had a "friend" party, where he chose all of his guests, and then some of them just got dropped off for the party.  The boys put together and decorated their boats, and then raced them in the rain-gutters which had water. 


On Halloween we headed over to the Flores' house.  They have people come over and have yummy food and festivities.  Their neighborhood gets very into Halloween and is packed with trick or treaters.  We walked around the block and the kids trick or treated. 

Everett was happy to dress up this year :)  I think he made a rather cute puppy!

This was the first year I let Ethan choose a scary costume, and he was pretty excited.  I told him he could only wear the mask for a little bit.

The Flores family... Hillary Clinton, popcorn, Pikachu, Donald Trump and Wonder Baby.  All costumes handmade by Jolene, who is quite talented in that department!

Hallowii 2015

We had our annual Halloween dinner for our Thursday night small group. While I never enjoy putting together a costume for myself, it's always fun to see what everyone else puts together :)  This year I went with "what can I find at the Dollar store last minute", haha.  I had purchased the kids costumes in advance, but Matt and I threw ours together last minute.  Everett stayed home with my mom.

The Cairns, as magician his assistant, with a rabbit in a hat
Ethan was a skeleton, Matt was a devil, I was an angel and Alayna was a fairy
The O's, with Leighann as a crazy cat lady and her cats
The Kerns...Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too, and Christopher Robin :)
The Mercers as The Frozen ensemble :)
I think my devil is pretty cute, hehe