On Halloween we headed over to the Flores' house.  They have people come over and have yummy food and festivities.  Their neighborhood gets very into Halloween and is packed with trick or treaters.  We walked around the block and the kids trick or treated. 

Everett was happy to dress up this year :)  I think he made a rather cute puppy!

This was the first year I let Ethan choose a scary costume, and he was pretty excited.  I told him he could only wear the mask for a little bit.

The Flores family... Hillary Clinton, popcorn, Pikachu, Donald Trump and Wonder Baby.  All costumes handmade by Jolene, who is quite talented in that department!


Christy said…
I'm just now catching up on your blog as it has not been letting me log in the last few times.:( Looks like you all had a fun Halloween and the kids look great. Morgan said the Oates were in town and you guys went to Glen Ivy; good girl day! Happy Birthday Matt & Jess!!! Have a blessed year friends! We love you guys!

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