Hallowii 2015

We had our annual Halloween dinner for our Thursday night small group. While I never enjoy putting together a costume for myself, it's always fun to see what everyone else puts together :)  This year I went with "what can I find at the Dollar store last minute", haha.  I had purchased the kids costumes in advance, but Matt and I threw ours together last minute.  Everett stayed home with my mom.

The Cairns, as magician his assistant, with a rabbit in a hat

Ethan was a skeleton, Matt was a devil, I was an angel and Alayna was a fairy

The O's, with Leighann as a crazy cat lady and her cats

The Kerns...Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too, and Christopher Robin :)

The Mercers as The Frozen ensemble :)

I think my devil is pretty cute, hehe


Kelly said…
I think your 99 cent costumes came out pretty well!!

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