Some randoms from this month...

-Indy went into heat.  Oh so fun.  Apparently it helps a dog mature if you let them go into heat at least once, so that's why we've waited to have her spayed.  It's been 2 weeks of this and we are over it.  When she's in the house I have been putting a diaper on her with a hole cut out for her tail, haha.  She's definitely getting spayed next month, lol.
  Sad dog. I only kept the diaper on inside, so that we didn't have blood all over our house.

-Christmas Programs.  We had three of them, but due to me and then Alayna being sick, I only attended Alayna's school performance.  The church performance and Ethan's school performance, I missed.  The cool thing is that Matt used the live video app "Periscope" to video me, and I was able to watch it live from home :)   Here are the two big kids dressed up before the church performance, and Everett jumped into the pic as well :)

-Alayna was home sick from school for two days with a bad cold.  Everett loved having her home and followed her around non stop.  She is really good and sweet with him :)

-Ethan's class led Chapel the other week.  They talked about a "kindness boomerang", where you show kindness to someone and then it keeps on going around until it comes back to you.  He helped around the house extra that week, and then we brought flowers to an elderly neighbor who lives alone.  He had to write a paragraph and read it at chapel.  It was really cute.

- We used our pool for the first time last weekend!  The water was a balmy 47... brrr.  We heated up the spa though, which took an hour to go from 47 to 100.  We all did a polar bear plunge into the pool and enjoyed the spa :)  It was so great to just walk inside after swimming and take a shower, no packing or unpacking or driving :) 

-The kids had their Christmas parties at school on Friday.  Ethan's class released balloons to Jesus and said happy birthday, which was so neat. 


Kelly said…
That is so cool that you could see the kids' performances "live". I love Alayna's Christmas dress. :)
Christy said…
Hope everyone is up and back to feeling healthy. Loved catching up on your posts. Happy new year friends!

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