Remembering Sid

After my father in law passed away, he donated his entire body to the medical school.  The students use the body for quite some time, and then they give it back to you cremated.  Marlene finally got Sid's ashes back a few months ago, and so she had to decide what to do with them.  She purchased a plot at a local cemetery for him and also for herself. Matt's siblings came into town and we all layed his ashes to rest in the cemetry.  It was a nice little time of remebrance and we all said a few things.  The kids all took turns putting a scoop of dirt on the box.  I had a babysitter for Everett.  The big kids did not attend the actual memorial, which was nearly two years ago, so it was neat to have them partake in this.

It was nice to have a couple of days to visit with Dan and Mark and Annette while they were here. 


Kelly said…
I can't believe it's been two years. I think that is very special that the big kids were able to attend something like this.
Christy said…
That's really lovely Jess and the pictures are beautiful.
Teresa DiMillo said…
I cannot believe it's been two years! Such a wonderful way to remember him.

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