Thanksgiving Week

I am of course WAAAAY behind in blogging and I'd like to catch up before the end of the year so I can get my blog book printed :)  As always, it's been an INTENSE couple of months for me with being so busy with photography and also the holidays. That usually doesn't leave time for blogging :)

Thanksgiving break was such a welcome time of respite for me.  I go go go for about two months and literally do not get any days of rest. I am always thankful for the work, but when I do finally get some rest it feels great!  Thanksgiving break gave me a few days of rest and it really recharged me.  It was wonderful to spend some time with the kids and just relax in the evening instead of work.

We went to Oak Glen on our first day off and enjoyed apple cider donuts and the park.  It was perfect weather as well.

On Tuesday we met up with T-MOMS people at a park in Loma Linda.  It was fun to get to have all my kids there and they loved playing.  It was so great to just hang out and chit chat with other moms.

On Wednesday I watched three of Heather's kids.  We went and got donuts and the kids enjoyed playing together. 

Thanksgiving day was a bit different this year because we ended up having to take Everett to urgent care that day.  I was so glad I wasn't supposed to host.  He came down with a HORRIBLE rash all over his face and bottom which turned out to be Impetigo.  Thankfully Urgent care was pretty empty that day and it didn't take too long.  Matt took him while I took the big kids to eat at his mom's, then I took Everett home and Matt and the big kids stayed later.  At least we all got to eat :)  I only took three pictures that whole day.

Poor buddy.... he took oral antibiotics and had an antibiotic cream and things cleared up after a few days.

 We spent the rest of Thanksgiving break hanging out at home so as not to spread Everett's germs, but it was still nice :)  We got the house decorated for Christmas and I still had a couple of sessions.


Kelly said…
So glad the rest of you didn't get sick too!
Christy said…
Poor guy! That stuff is the worst! I hear you about needing the break; we are finishing finals this week and then so looking forward to enjoying Christmas and some down time.
Teresa DiMillo said…
That day at the park was the best! So sorry about Everret. So glad he's feeling better!
Jerrod said…
Man, my head looks huge compared to yours in that second picture of you and I...haha

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