Time to Swim

We have dreamed of a pool forever, and this fall we made it happen!  It's been very exciting. We've always enjoyed swimming at Marlene's, but she hopes to move to a smaller place in the near future, so now we have our very own pool to enjoy.  We are all very excited for all of the memories that will be made in this space, as we all LOVE to swim.

Once the crew started, they finished in a month!  It was super quick.  I have cell phone pictures to chart the progress.  We had the pool put into the area that was just dirt and the gazebo (which needed to be torn down anyhow).  They moved the playhouse for us and it's outside of the pool area so that the kids can still enjoy it.

Here it is with everything torn down and ready to begin construction.

The hole is dug!

Rebar.  This was right before they did the gunnite. 

After the gunnite.

Installing the tile and getting ready for the concrete deck

This was the morning they did the concrete. 

And here we are, with a finished pool! This was the day they did plaster, they immediately fill it up with water, which helps the plaster cure.

The kids are beyond excited!

And two days later, a pool full of water!

Now we have to find furniture, and then landscape and install lighting. We are glad to have the winter to do that :)

The playhouse and trampoline are over to the left outside of the pool area.  We are going to put down pavers (which used to be where the gazebo was), and also Matt is going to build a shed over there. 

So there you have it!  We can crank up the spa after it's been 10 days (the plaster takes a while to cure).  The kids waded around on the lagoon step, but it's cooooollllddd right now.  We are all very excited for summer!


Kelly said…
I love the pic of the back of the kids sitting and watching the action. I can't imagine how excited your kids must be!!!
Christy said…
That's really smart to do it this time of year so you have all winter to get it the way you want it for summer with furniture etc. So happy for your little family of fish. :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
This is so super exciting! I love the way your backyard looks, the pool just adds to it! Your very own backyard sanctuary.

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