Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Everett's First Popsicle

Not much to say, I think the pictures show that he was a fan :)  Of course it had to be documented!

Indy kept stealing licks!

Thanks mom!

Happy Birthday Marlene!

Marlene turned 70, and we threw her a big open house.  She felt loved and special and had a lot of her friends and some family stop by, it was a neat afternoon. I should have taken some real pictures, all I have is a few snapshots with my phone, but I guess they will do!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I can't beleive we've been out of school for almost a month!!  I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying not driving back and forth to school, and having the pace of our day be up to us!!  This is a bit of a different summer for us, because the big kids are at an age where there are SO many things I'd love to take them to do, but Everett makes that a little too hard.  He still needs two naps most days, and he's quite limited in what he can do right now :)  We've still been making the most of our days, and I've been trying to take the kids to do things that are fun.

Calimesa FINALLY built a park, and it's super nice!  We met up with friends there one day to play.

Got a slip n slide, but I've only gotten it out once because I can't bring myself to waste the water right now, lol. 

Someone gave us a sand and water table :)  I put out something on Facebook and one of my mom's friends had one she gave us for free that she no longer wanted, score!  I bought some sand from the hardware store.  I got this for Everett, but the big kids have enjoyed it as well. 

Fun at the park.  There is a splash pad there, but it was off because of the drought :(  We only wore bathing suits, so we made the best and got wet a few times in the drinking fountain, lol. 

Oh you know, just eating dinner in the buff outside one night, hehe.

So Everett still can't walk, but he can climb most any chair!  haha.  It's made for some bonks on his head, but he's getting good at climbing back down.

This was his face when I turned it to selfie mode and he saw himself, haha.  I love it.

Ethan got out his model train set since he's off right now.  Everett was perched on the couch watching him :)

I had to run to the local mall to return something, so we stopped at the indoor playground for a bit, and we didn't stay long because Ethan was getting too wild.  It's mostly for little ones!

When I asked the kids what they wanted to do most this summer, going to the Yucaipa Regional Park.  We met up with friends last week one day and had fun.  Everett didn't nap that morning, so we stretched him out as long as possible, but only stayed 2 1/2 hours.  I was happy we at least made it that long :)  He loved playing in the sand and crawling into the water.

 I walked outside one afternoon to this naughtiness... the kids left food on their plates and were long gone, and Indy figured out that she could get to it!

Swimming at Grandma's.  While it's MUCH harder this year with Everett, it's still worth it :)  My big kids LOVE to swim.  Everett has enjoyed getting into the pool with us a little as well.  He likes to crawl around the pool deck and climb on chairs too.

Alayna loves to come out to my garden with me and pick whatever harvest we have for the day :)  This cucumber was huge!  And we got our first tomato!  

Dinner with our framily!  Friends that are family :)  We don't get to see them as much as we like, but we sure love when we do!!!

Father's Day

Father's Day was nice :)  We made Matt breakfast, went to church (I had nursery and cookie duty, but we were all there), then we came home for Everett to nap and we rested.  Then we went over to Matt's mom's and swam for a few hours, had burgers, and hung out with his family. He said he had a nice day.  We love celebrating him, and really we do every day because he is the best!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Everett at 14 months

Our little guy is 14 1/2 months old now.  He's still not walking!  He's trying to cut about five teeth at once right now and can be crabby quite often. He's kinda high maintenance and can drive me quite crazy, but he's cute to boot :) 

Ahhhh, so sweet when they slumber, huh?  This boy has yet to ever sleep in a crib :)  We haven't gotten it out since he's so happy in the pack and play. 

What mom??

Oh yeah, I'm not supposed to touch this, huh?
 But it's so much fun!