Christmas 2015

We had a nice Christmas. The kids are at such fun ages.  They have such excitement for everything :)

Christmas Eve day we went to the park for a bit and enjoyed the nice weather.

We enjoyed relaxing at home in the morning as well.

In the evening we had my mom and brother over for appetizers and exchanged gifts with them.  The highlight for my kids was receiving rollerblades and rollerskates from my mom.  They were so excited.

Everett LOVES my brother and wants him to hold him constantly, lol.

Everett caught on to the whole idea of opening gifts and thought it was pretty fun.

New slippers

And a picture of Indy... lol

Christmas Day we woke up and opened gifts just the five of us, had baked french toast and enjoyed hanging out.  It was so nice.

I took the big kids shopping separately and got each other a gift, it was really cute and they were SO excited to exchange them with one another.  

My brother got Everett a trike, which he loved.

Later that day we made a really yummy prime rib dinner and had my mom and brother, Matt's mom and Beth over to enjoy. It was the biggest prime rib we've made to date and it did not disappoint!


Kelly said…
I lover Everett's plaid sweater! That is a great idea to have the kids swap presents. :) "Prime rib" and "yummy" don't quite make sense to me. Ha!
Teresa DiMillo said…
The kids look so big in the picture with the skates on. Sounds like an awesome Christmas. I'm with Kelly, prime rib :-x

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