-I recently dusted off my Goodreads account and made a goal to read more this year.  It's fun to keep track of what I read, rate it, and keep a "want to read" list.  I recently finished Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  I enjoyed both of them.  I'm currently reading Walk Me Home by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

-I participated in a shootout last Saturday with one of my photography groups (a women's group actually).  It was fun.  Someone put it together and got the models, and we went out just off the freeway past Cabazon and played for an hour. The only bummer was that it was SO COLD.  It felt extra cold because it was extremely windy.
Here's a picture of the models from my camera :)

-Poor Everett got some crazy stomach bug for SIX days.  He had diarrhea and vomiting.  Poor guy ended up loosing weight.  We were so glad when he finally got better and is now back to himself.  In fact he's been eating like crazy this week, which is good! It felt like a very long week when he was sick.   This week Alayna came down with something and has been laying on the couch for two days, poor girl.  She has a fever and snotty nose, no throwing up thankfully.

-The Mercers prepared a super fancy meal for our small group.  It was better than a restaurant and so fun. 

-My Aunt Karri and Uncle Ken were out from Colorado for a couple of days because he had work in the area.  We got to have them over for dinner, which was nice.  They had never been to our house. 

-It snowed quite a bit in the mountains the other week.  I took the kids just up the road a couple of miles so they could play in it for just a few minutes (this was the week Everett was sick).  Gotta love Ethan in his shorts.... he won't wear pants, lol.  Crazy kid.

Alayna asked me to take this picture after church last week.

I got my hair cut and went short again, I've been enjoying it as it forces me to do it more often and I don't just put it in a ponytail :)

Alayna stilt walking and Ethan rollerblading


Kelly said…
What is a "shootout"? I'm glad Everett started making up for all the food he couldn't eat when he was sick! I'm super impressed Ethan can do roller blades. :)
Christy said…
Hey girl, just catching up on your blog. I'm sorry your kiddos have been so sick lately...:( We had the "year of sickness" a few years ago and I was so depressed by Spring...I just wanted everyone healthy and out of the house in the warm air. Hang in there and call if you ever need us.....we're just down the road.

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