February Happenings...

February has brought us... you guessed it... more colds.  We've been passing stuff around since before Christmas.  One of these days we'll all be healthy for more than a couple of days.  This week it's my turn.  At least the weather has been gorgeous lately and we've been enjoying spending time outside.

Some randoms photos from lately...

Playing at the park after school one Friday.

The kids' school did something called Muffins for Moms.  It was really cute.  The kids had little things prepared for me and I got to go to each of their classrooms before school for muffins. 

Enjoying the nice weather and wearing a pair of Alayna's old sunglasses, lol. 

I got to take Alayna on a little date one Sunday.  I took her to Color Me Mine, which while is not the cheapest thing to do, is perfect for my art loving girly.  She loved it.  She painted a bunny piggy bank.

We went to the park this month before school on our late start day.  It was a fun way to start the day :)

Exploring in the ditch next to the playground at Wildwood Park...

The big kids painted canvasses one evening.

I found this picture of myself as a two year old and can definitely see some resemblance between me and Everett :)  I was joking that we also have the same haircut, haha.  These kids all got their blonde hair from me!

My mom came over and babysat the kids for the afternoon on Valentine's Day.  Matt and I enjoyed lunch at Banjarong in Redlands, and then looked around at a few stores for furniture to go around the pool.  It was great to spend a few hours together!
 We did buy these two lounge chairs online a while back with some of our Christmas money, but we still need a dining table and chair set.

Matt spent several weekends working very hard to get this brick pathway finished.  He reused the brick pavers that were under our gazebo.  It looks so nice and we are so happy to have this completed.  He did such a great job and it was a lot of work. We also cleaned out the playhouse so that the kids can use it once again.  This past weekend we got started on prepping for landscaping around the pool.

The kids and I walked around the Oak Glen Conservancy on one of our Mondays off.  Despite everything being bare it's still pretty, and the weather was perfect. This was Everett's first time getting to walk on the trails with us.  I love days off together when there's nothing going on!

It's handy when big brother can carry around little brother...

And one last silly picture :)


Christy said…
Loving the updates! Man the colds have lingered this year haven't they? So annoying! I hope you get back to feeling better soon. Great job on the walkway Matt! I love lazy days off when we can do fun things that just invest in down time with our kids...it blesses me so much!
Kelly said…
I think the pic of you loooks WAY more like Alayna. :) You guys do so many fun after school things. :) I love that muffin date idea. Super cute!
Jerrod said…
hahaha....who the heck is "top hawai manufacturers" and why are they spamming your blog.

Anyways, the brick work Matt did looks awesome! Good work Matt!

The last picture of Ethan and Alayna is an instant classic! I'd frame this one for the house...heehee :)

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