We were able to rent an amazing house in Arizona and meet up with the Oates for three nights, along with the Mercers and Odenbaughs.  It was about an hour outside of Phoenix in a place called Gold Canyon.  It was a great house and everyone had their own room.  It was huge and had a pool table, a great patio to hang out on, and also a pool.  It was so much fun to have that time together just hanging out and enjoying one another with no kids around.

We did a lot of hanging out outside in the lovely weather, and hanging out by the pool.  The first full day we were there the guys went golfing in the morning. Later that day me, Faith and Leighann got massages.  It was WONDERFUL!  We all kind of took turns providing meals, and we went out to eat once. 

 The second morning there we all went for a hike.  It was a 3 mile round trip and was very beautiful.

The desert really is beautiful this time of year.  There were a lot of things blooming.

Those cactus' are so huge and really pretty.

It's just so nice when you are a mom of young kids to get a chance to not have to take care of anyone for a few days.  We felt so relaxed when we came home. A huge thank you to my mom and to Marlene for helping to take care of the kids so that we could do this!!  We sure appreciated it!


Christy said…
So glad you could get away. It looks like a great place you guys rented...what a treat! Makes me want to head to the desert and lay in the sun!
Kelly said…
That sounds like such the perfect vacation! Friends + relaxing + not having to take care of anyone but yourself!!! Those cactus were huge! Glad you had such a nice weekend.
Teresa DiMillo said…
That sounds like the perfect little get away! I think we should plan something like that!

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