Easter Weekend

We had such a lovely Easter weekend.  The weather was just perfect.  Easter is such a joyful day, as we celebrate what Christ did for us.  I must say, it's one of my favorite holidays!

We had our traditional breakfast and egg hunt at Grandma's house.  The cousins have a blast running around and playing together.

 Reading the Easter story with Grandma while the adults hide eggs.

 Everett's first time hunting eggs.... he was so cute.

 Grandma with all of her local grandkids.

I was so excited to find these coordinating shirts for my boys.  With the age gap I don't often find clothes like that.

Easter Sunday was also gorgeous weather wise.  We went to early service and came back home and did Easter baskets and hung out for a bit.  Then we headed over to my mom's for Easter lunch, which we've done the last several years.  The Flores family joined us, as well as Beth and my mother in law and my brother.  It ended up being a very relaxing day.  We hung out outside, played some corn hole, the kids ran around out front and in the green belt and we ate lots of yummy food. 

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Alayna wanted a picture with this special locket that Sid and Marlene gave to her when she was baptized. 

We've gotten a picture with all of us and the Flores family every Easter since we started having kids :)  It's become a fun tradition.

Each kid has a buddy their own age :)

Matt got us this corn hole game for Christmas.  It's such the relaxing game to play!

We hid eggs in the green belt next to my mom's house for the big kids.


Kelly said…
I love the colors your chose for your Easter outfits! Sounds like such a fun day. :)

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