Everett is TWO!

I cannot beleive my baby turned two.   We didn't have a party for him, but on his birthday we had fun singing Happy birthday to him.  He was so cute.  Jolene brought him a little cake on Easter that was just for him, and we sang again and he opened some gifts.

Everett is so cute and so much fun lately.  He is saying new words every single day and tries to mimic everything we say!  He LOVES to be with his siblings and if they are not home he is glued to my side.  I think two is such an adorable age.  He is a happy, sweet, fun little guy and we love him to peices!

This was the morning of his birthday :)

His own little birthday cake :)

He got to open a couple of presents at the breakfast and egg hunt we had at Marlene's as well.


Kelly said…
I still feel like it was yesterday when you told me you were pregnant!!
Christy said…
Ahhh...Happy birthday little dude!

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