We went to Vegas the first weekend of March because my grandparents and Aunt Kami and Uncle Roger were there for the week.  We stayed at the same timeshare as them and were able to visit for three nights.  It was great to see them.  My mom and my brother came out for two nights as well. The last time we saw my grandparents was when Everett was 3 months old.  Matt went to the race with my uncle and Papa on Sunday, so that was super fun for him.

Unfortunately it was pretty cold while we were there.  We tried swimming for a bit but the kids got cold quickly because of the wind.  

My mom stayed back with the kids and we walked across the street to Southpoint Casino and had some adult time for three hours, lol.  It was fun.  We spent most of that time playing at a $5.00 Blackjack table and came out a little bit ahead.

There was a little putt putt green at the timeshare.

On Sunday morning my mom and brother headed home. While the guys were at the races my grandma and Aunt and I took the kids to the Mirage to see the large cats and dolphins.  It was neat and we enjoyed seeing the animals.


Christy said…
Looks like a few fun days for you guys all to get away. Yay!

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