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Last Week of School

As of noon today we are officially on summer break!  Yippee!

Earlier this week Ethan had his class pool party.  I wasn't able to go for the whole time because I had Everett, but I stopped by for a bit and took a couple of pictures.  It was quite cold that day, but thankfully the people had their pool heated very warm, so the kids had a blast.

Alayna had her kindergarten graduation ceremony yesterday.  They were so cute.  They each had to say what they wanted to be when they grow up, and Alayna said "la maestra de arte", which means art teacher.  Now that we have a whole year of Spanish Immersion under our belt, it's pretty cool.  It's amazing how much Spanish she knows.  I bet next year she'll really take off with it.  With this program they say the kids are totally fluent by the end of second grade.  She has also amazed us with her ability to read, which she picked up herself.  While I'm not certain her exact level, I will say she seems to be able to rea…

Recent Updates

-I just finished my 21st book of the year.  It's been so much fun keeping track of what I read and want to read via Goodreads.  I started "Me Before You" last night, which comes out as a movie soon.   I've found myself not so interested in TV in the evenings lately and preferring to read.  I've always loved to read, but I have never read this many books in such a short time :)

-I've been loving making bowls of all sorts for lunch.  This week it's been red quinoa, black beans, sweet potato, sauteed veggies a little avocado and lots of salsa on top. 

-I've finally been working out more consistently lately.  Lea and I have gone running together after school drop-off in Redlands and it makes running SO MUCH more fun.  My goal for the summer is to wake up at 6:00 three times a week and workout for an hour before Matt goes to work.  Hoping I can make it happen :)  I've also been loving my FitBit.

-Thursday is the last day of school and then it's su…


Alayna and Everett were so cute the other night blowing this "buggy" (as they call bugs).  Alayna is happily teaching Everett her naturalist ways, hehe.

Mother's Day

I had a really lovely Mother's Day.  I felt so loved and special.  The kids were so cute with the things they had made for me at school.  They were very excited to give them to me.  They also surprised me with a fun succulent pot and a FitBit, which I had been wanting for a while.   We went to church, out to lunch at Panera with Matt's mom, and then came home and I relaxed and read all afternoon.  Then Matt made me dinner, which was lovely (steak and lobster, baked potato and grilled veggies and a yummy bottle of wine).  It was a perfect day :)  Good job honey!!!

I am so blessed to be a mom to these three. 

Backpack and Skateboard

I hadn't used my nice camera to take any pictures of the kids lately, but I had it out and snapped these of Everett.  He was pretending to go to school with the backpack :) 

Everett was using Ethan's skateboard after dinner one evening :)