April Updates

A whole month has come and gone with no blog posts.  Here are some random updates from the past month.

I never even updated about our spring break.  It was really nice and we enjoyed every bit of it :)  We had nice weather and were able to enjoy going to a different park almost every day. 

 The kids enjoyed playing in their playhouse

 Alayna reading to Everett
 We got to watch the oldest three cousins one morning while Heather went to Bible study.  We went to the park.

I love Alayna's creativity.  She made a bunny out of little bits of nature she found in the backyard.
 We took a little tour of Stater Brother's with Tmoms.

Alayna read her first little chapter book and was excited.  She amazes me with how well she reads and it's such fun.... especially for this book loving mama.
 I had a wedding on Saturday April 9th at a pretty outdoor venue.  Everyone was so happy the forecasted rain held off.

I brought the two little kids to a Tmoms outing and they got to climb all over an old firetruck.  Everett could have stayed in there all day I think.

 Alayna had a fieldtrip to a firestation.  Half way through the tour all the firefighters got sent out on a call.  It was still neat, and they got to have Baskin and Robbins afterwards.

This picture is really gross, and I'm sorry, but it was kinda funny... Everett picked up a tummy bug and after he had gotten up in the morning and drank his milk, he walked out and threw up... and it landed on the dog.  haha.  She obviously didn't seem to mind.... lol.  

Everett loves wearing sunglasses.  He was also drinking water out of this coffee cup :)

 This is Ethan on the day of Friendship games at school

Saturday morning breakfast snuggles!

A trip to the park after school on a gorgeous Friday.  Oh how we love Fridays because it means no homework!

Alayna made this wand out of bits of nature she found :)

 We had the Floreses over one Sunday when it was warm and enjoyed our pool for the first official time.  While the water was still only 68, we all had fun.  We had the spa on as well :)  It was a fun, relaxing day.

 Alayna got to go to a little paint party for Brooklyn at the Art Barn and it was fun.

The kids talked Grammy into playing on the trampoline with them :)

Alayna with her "All About Me Oso".  She did it all on her own :)

We watched the cousins one Saturday so that Mike and Heather could enjoy a date.  They really wanted to swim (this was their first time in our pool), so I let them have fun for a while :)

 Dinner at the Flores house.  Oh how we love getting together with them.  The kids have a blast too, which makes it even more fun.  We treasure their friendship and will miss them oh so much whenever they move on to their next step.

A little tent building on a rainy day.

A fresh hair cut for me :)

Thursday night dinner, always a great part of our week.  We've been doing this for over a decade!  


Kelly said…
*I think that pool was one of the best investments you ever made. :)
*I'm bummed I never took that Staters outing with Tmoms all the years I attended.
*Love your hair!!
*How fun for the kids to see the firemen in action as they raced off!

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