Last Week of School

As of noon today we are officially on summer break!  Yippee!

Earlier this week Ethan had his class pool party.  I wasn't able to go for the whole time because I had Everett, but I stopped by for a bit and took a couple of pictures.  It was quite cold that day, but thankfully the people had their pool heated very warm, so the kids had a blast.

Alayna had her kindergarten graduation ceremony yesterday.  They were so cute.  They each had to say what they wanted to be when they grow up, and Alayna said "la maestra de arte", which means art teacher.  Now that we have a whole year of Spanish Immersion under our belt, it's pretty cool.  It's amazing how much Spanish she knows.  I bet next year she'll really take off with it.  With this program they say the kids are totally fluent by the end of second grade.  She has also amazed us with her ability to read, which she picked up herself.  While I'm not certain her exact level, I will say she seems to be able to read most anything we put in front of her.

Alayna with her teacher, Sra Pena.

My mom brought her flowers and Marlene brought her a balloon.  It was so sweet and she was so excited.

Today was Ethan's last day and I got to snap this picture of his class when school started.  He had such a wonderful teacher and we are thankful for the growth he had with her.  His class was such a sweet bunch as well.

 I surprised him and when I picked him up I had bought him a beta fish and tank.  Since he is so responsible now, he gets to keep it in his room and take care of it.  He is quite excited.

And one last picture of Ethan with Indy the other day.

And now, onto summer!!!  Yay!!!!


Kelly said…
That pool they had their party at is AMAZING! I think it's so awesome that Alayna will be fluent in Spanish before most kids even start taking it in school. :)
Christy said…
Yay for summer break!! Time to dig your toes in the sand and relax.

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