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More Summertime Happenings

I am in love with this summer and I want it to last forever :)  hehe.  Seriously, we are soaking up summer.

Some randoms from the last few weeks....

A last minute two night visit from my dear friend Crystal was a highlight for last week.  It was wonderful getting to hang out with her and I haven't had that much time with her probably since she moved away to Texas in 1999.  We just got to hang out and talk talk talk... it was so nice.

We celebrated Marlene's birthday with the fam and I made her a lemon chiffon cake, her favorite...

Brothers and choo choos.... Everett loves when Ethan includes him
Of course we've been enjoying our pool :)  One day Lea and Teresa came over.
Alayna got to have her very first sleepover with her sweet friend Elise.  They had a blast.
Alayna read them bedtime stoires :)

On a different night Ethan got to have a sleepover with his buddy Jonathan.  They did lots of swimming and Lego building :)
We've been going to the cheap kids movies at H…

Father's Day

We are so very blessed by Matt, and we loved showering him with our love on Father's Day :)  We went to church, to lunch at Panera with Matt's mom, and then relaxed the rest of the day.  We hung out in the pool and I made carne asada.  It was a very relaxing and fun day!  We love you Matt!

 Everett was cracking us up after dinner :)

Scenes Around the House from Summertime

I can't say enough how much we are loving summertime.  I kept my DSLR out last week so that I would use it, and I snapped some pictures here and there :)

One of my favorite parts of summer is just relaxing outside together and playing after dinner.  Since there's no rush to get anything done or get to bed, we really just get to enjoy the time we are home.  Here we are after an afternoon of swimming, hence the zero makeup for me and play clothes for the kids :)

We are FINALLY converting our guest bedroom into a real room for Everett :)  We got rid of the guest bed, put together the crib and here is a picture of Matt putting together the armoire we bought, since that room doesn't have a closet.  I'll post pics when it's finished.

Ethan and Indy

Everett is LOVING having his siblings home.  I am too :)  They are so sweet with him.

We got a basketball hoop for the driveway.  Everett was intently "helping" Matt put it together.  It was so cute :)

Alayna ma…