More Summertime Happenings

I am in love with this summer and I want it to last forever :)  hehe.  Seriously, we are soaking up summer.

Some randoms from the last few weeks....

A last minute two night visit from my dear friend Crystal was a highlight for last week.  It was wonderful getting to hang out with her and I haven't had that much time with her probably since she moved away to Texas in 1999.  We just got to hang out and talk talk talk... it was so nice.

We celebrated Marlene's birthday with the fam and I made her a lemon chiffon cake, her favorite...

Brothers and choo choos.... Everett loves when Ethan includes him

Of course we've been enjoying our pool :)  One day Lea and Teresa came over.

Alayna got to have her very first sleepover with her sweet friend Elise.  They had a blast.

Alayna read them bedtime stoires :)

On a different night Ethan got to have a sleepover with his buddy Jonathan.  They did lots of swimming and Lego building :)

We've been going to the cheap kids movies at Harkins Theater and last week we picked up my mom and brought her.  It was funny because she was giving Alayna a ride on her knee scooter.

More pool time :)  Alayna had her friend Kendall over one morning.

 Later that same day more friends came over.  Everett and his buddy Luke were enjoying the tea party toys :)  Also, Everett was wearing a pair of Alayna's old floaties here.

Love this sweet picture of my boys :)

And a pool selfie with Everett

The kids have been babysitting our friend's guinea pig and they have been in heaven.

Matt took a day off this week and we had a beach day.  It was perfect and we enjoyed our happy place :)  I picked up a boogie board and the kids were loving boogie boarding for the first time.

Matt and the kids built sand castles while I read my book in the chair :)  


Kelly said…
So thankful Blossom got so well taken care of!! I hope you had better luck with traffic to the beach than you have in the past! :)
Christy said…
Look at all those sweet sun kissed faces. We are loving summer and I find myself saying,"school? Who needs school? We are never going back!" Ha!

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