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First Day of School

Somehow summer ended :(  The kids started school on August 17th.  Alayna is in first grade, in Spanish Immersion and Ethan is in third grade.  They were both excited for the first day.

Alayna and one of her classmates both had the same shirt, which they were both excited about because on the front it says "hola" and on the back it says "adios". 
Alayna and her sweet friend Elise.
Ethan and Jonathan and Maddie.... all in the same class this year. 

Finishing Up Summer

We enjoyed every bit of summer we had!  I am sad to have it come to an end, but thankful we enjoyed it so much.  It ended up being a very relaxing and fun summer.  I feel so refreshed.  We had lots of time relaxing and I loved being with my kids and being able to do fun things.

We finally made it to the Regional Park and were joined by friends.  The kids had a blast.  Ethan and Jonathan were on the slides all day and the other kids had fun in the sand and water.

The kids love it when friends come over to swim.
We went to a place called Romp-O-Rama in Corona and the kids had such a blast.  Alayna actually says this was one of her favorite things we did all summer.  It's like a big indoor playground, and it also has a ball room, a pretend city area and a huge play structure.  It costs $10.00 per kid for 2 hours, and it was definitely worth it.

Lots of reading with these two.....

It took us most of the summer, but we finally were able to have the cousins over to swim :)

Backyard Bubbles

I'll admit I'm a bit of a miser when it comes to bubbles.  I rarely buy them for my kids because they make such a mess.  They came home from a birthday party with bubbles this weekend and Everett was having the best time with them.  It was fun to watch :)

Trampoline Fun in Golden Light

Golden light + my wide angle lens + my kids having fun on the trampoline made for some fun pictures.   Precious memories. Summertime.... I'm not ready for you to be over!!!