Since we didn't have any plans to go on a vacation this summer, Matt took a week off and we had a staycation.  It ended up being so much fun and quite relaxing.  Having our own pool this year definitely adds to the fun.. We let the kids have several night swims which they thought was great :)

Some highlights of the week:

Relaxing and swimming :)  The Floreses came over on the Saturday at the start of our staycation and we had a fun pool day :)

Matt and I enjoy floating on our rafts in the afternoons :)  I like to read while I float.  

We went to the Long Beach Aquarium one day.  While the traffic was a bit of a bummer, we enjoyed seeing all of the neat sea life.

Another day we went to our favorite beach in Newport.  The Flores family met up with us and we had such a great day.  Ethan and Christian boogie boarded all day long.  We went out to dinner at Newport Brewing Company afterwards.  We ended up getting home at 8:30 and traffic was great.  Perfect day!

The guys... sleeping :)

We went up to Big Bear one day and had such a great time.  We have actually only been up there once and it was for THanksgiving a few years ago when we rented a cabin with the Flores Family.  Other than that we've not ever spent time up there.  We really enjoyed our day.  We ended up renting a pontoon boat for an hour and went around the lake.  It was SUCH fun and a highlight of the week for all of us.  We had lunch at a brewery up there and walked around the little downtown village area.  We agreed that we need to go up there more often :)


Kelly said…
Those are such great outings to plan for your week. The only difference in a real vacation would have been sleeping somewhere else. And it's almost nicer to not have to pack!! Reading on a raft seems SOOO relaxing. :) That pontoon boats sounds awesome too!
Christy said…
So glad Matt had that down time with you guys. That sounds like a really fun week. :)
We love it up in Big Bear and go there pretty much cooler and small and quant.
Teresa DiMillo said…
The pic of Matt and Everett is so precious! Sound like a great week!

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