Thursday, September 22, 2016

Piggy Play Time

We got another guinea pig so that Nibbles could have a friend.  We named him Butterscotch.  The kids have been loving their piggies and the pigs seem happy to have one another :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

A few randoms

 Now that the big kids are back in school it's me and my little buddy during the day.  I'll admit, with him being the third our days often consist of school drop off, gym, errands and then it's his nap time (while I try to work) and then time to pick up the big kids again.... which means kinda rushed days.  I've been trying to have a day or two a week where I just chill with him and do something fun.  He is seriously at the cutest age, I just love 2 1/2, crazy tantrums and all :) He is so cute and says so many cute things during the day... I'm savoring the last of my squishy toddler days.

He has needed some extra nap time snuggles lately.... trying to just savor it :)

Our weekly Thursday night dinner got cancelled one week, and my mom still wanted to babysit, so we headed to Oak Glen Steak House for a lovely sunset dinner and impromptu date night.

Labor Day Weekend was so nice.  I didn't have any work and we did lots of relaxing.  The Floreses came over for an end of summer pool bash.

On Labor Day we slept in, relaxed, went for a little family hike, and went to Matt's mom's for a while with his brother's family.  We brought a cake over for Alayna so her cousin's could wish her a happy birthday a few days early.  It was glorious and I wish every Monday could be like that ;)

Chillin' with her piggy after school one day.

Alayna is 7!

I know I say it each year, but somehow it still seems crazy when my kids turn another year older.  Alayna turned 7 on September 10th.   She got to have her friend Elise come home from school and spend the night.  They had a blast playing together. 

The next morning we had homemade cinnamon rolls (her choice). And they swam for a while.  Her friend Taelyn also stopped by for a while and brought a gift and swam, and the Floerses stopped by and brought her a gift.  It was really sweet and she felt very loved!

Some snuggles with Nibbles... she loves her piggy.

At bedtime I walked by Alayna's room to see this sweet scene....  she was reading a book about guinea pigs to her piggy.

It was a simple and sweet day celebrating our girly.  I am so thankful for this precious daughter of mine and her sweet heart.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


 A few recent snapshots of Everett.

Honestly, doesn't your sleeping baby always melt your heart?  I mean, I know he's 2 1/2 but it's still precious to watch :) It pains me to have to wake him up from his nap quite often to go get the big kids from school.

Everett LOVES to watch videos of himself and the other kids on my phone.  I had to snap a picture of him getting a kick out of watching the same video over and over again, lol.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Meet Nibbles

Alayna has been wanting a guinea pig ever since the summer when we babysat our friend's piggy for a week.  She has had piggies on the brain.  We had decided if she could show us she was responsible, we'd get her a piggy for her 7th birthday.  One of the local pet stores in town had some really cute babies and so I took her a week early to choose one. She was ecstatic and is totally in love.  She is really cute.  We're pretty sure Nibbles is a boy, and hopefully we can get him a friend soon.

Nibbles gets to join the kids during breakfast, lunch (with Everett and I) and homework time :)  He has been getting a lot of love and attention, haha.  Honestly though, I really do love guinea pigs.  I used to have them as my class pet when I was a teacher and I really enjoyed them.  They are sweet little creatures and all of their noises and their little personalities are fun.  "Wheet wheet"!