Alayna is 7!

I know I say it each year, but somehow it still seems crazy when my kids turn another year older.  Alayna turned 7 on September 10th.   She got to have her friend Elise come home from school and spend the night.  They had a blast playing together. 

The next morning we had homemade cinnamon rolls (her choice). And they swam for a while.  Her friend Taelyn also stopped by for a while and brought a gift and swam, and the Floerses stopped by and brought her a gift.  It was really sweet and she felt very loved!

Some snuggles with Nibbles... she loves her piggy.

At bedtime I walked by Alayna's room to see this sweet scene....  she was reading a book about guinea pigs to her piggy.

It was a simple and sweet day celebrating our girly.  I am so thankful for this precious daughter of mine and her sweet heart.


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