Getting Back into the swing of things

We are slowly getting back into the swing of school, but I still miss summer, I'm not gonna lie! 

I took the big kids to the school skating party.  I bought myself a ticket and actually skated the whole time as well.  It was fun and nostalgic :)

Two randoms from Ethan... one was a message he spelled out with tiles and wanted me to send to Matt, lol.  The other is a tower he built out of Lego people bodies. 

We stopped by the Sausage and Beer festival at Highland Springs Resort for a few hours.  It was fun to sit in the shade and try a couple of local beers.  The kids had fun playing as well.

We met up with the Flores family on the last Saturday in August to celebrate Christian's birthday.  We had a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed it so much.  We love the beach!!

Everett is usually pretty easy to put down to bed, but the other day he was crying and screaming at nap time.  I ended up holding him after he had been crying for a while and he fell asleep on me, which hasn't happened in a LONG time.  So I had to document it :)

Everett loves getting coffee at school in the mornings.  We have a coffee cart that is run by the parents.  He actually does like the coffee, lol.... but I only let him have a tiny bit and then I add water  and creamer to it.  Here he is with cousin Jeffrey, who also likes the coffee :)

Do you think he enjoyed his ice cream?  lol

I cancelled my membership at a local gym in town and joined the YMCA in Redlands so that I can workout with my friends.  I also joined because they have a wide variety of classes they offer, so it's been a lot of fun to do a bunch of different classes.  It's nice because it's super close to school, so I can go after I drop off my big kids.  I've been much more motivated to get there, and I'm also very sore after hardly working out this summer :)


Teresa DiMillo said…
I'm so glad you are my work out buddy!!

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