Thursday, September 8, 2016

Meet Nibbles

Alayna has been wanting a guinea pig ever since the summer when we babysat our friend's piggy for a week.  She has had piggies on the brain.  We had decided if she could show us she was responsible, we'd get her a piggy for her 7th birthday.  One of the local pet stores in town had some really cute babies and so I took her a week early to choose one. She was ecstatic and is totally in love.  She is really cute.  We're pretty sure Nibbles is a boy, and hopefully we can get him a friend soon.

Nibbles gets to join the kids during breakfast, lunch (with Everett and I) and homework time :)  He has been getting a lot of love and attention, haha.  Honestly though, I really do love guinea pigs.  I used to have them as my class pet when I was a teacher and I really enjoyed them.  They are sweet little creatures and all of their noises and their little personalities are fun.  "Wheet wheet"!

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