October Randoms

I'll be honest, I love the things about fall, but I'm so busy working every spare second that I don't get to enjoy it as much as I'd like.  I am trying really hard to just take things one day at a time, and enjoy the small moments that are a part of every day.  Here are some of them from the past month :)

I got to go on a fieldtrip with Alayna's class to Snowline Orchard in Oak Glen. 

Our neighbors had a little block party, which was so nice because not a lot of people know each other in our neighborhood.  It was really nice to meet some people.  The people hosting it, the husband makes bows and he let Ethan shoot one.  He did really well.

Piggy grazing time.

I took just Everett to the pumpkin patch with T-Moms.  He was so cute getting to go on his "own fieldtrip".  His favorite part was the tractor ride. 

Everett LOVES going through the drive through car wash.  This is always a highlight for him when we go there :)

We had family photos taken in Forrest Falls.  I can't wait to see them.

Everyone getting clean... hehe

This was all the way back from Alayna's birthday, and also the last pool day we had of the year.  Me and Teresa jumping into the pool :)

Alayna got to go to breakfast at Coco's with Matt one morning before school.  He was meeting Jeff Mercer, who brought his girls as well.  Matt sent me this cute photo... Alayna was so excited. 

We shot a wedding in Oak Glen at the HOmestead.  It was a gorgeous October day.  That venue is so very cute, I love working there. 

Alayna reading to Everett. 

We stopped at the Greenspot Farms pumpkin patch after school one day so that the big kids could enjoy.  I love it there, such a cute little place. 

I was enjoying the lovely weather one day and reading.  Everett joined me and I thought it was cute :)  SPeaking of reading I'm almost to my goal of reading 50 books this year... I'm up to 44 right now!  I think I just might make it. 

A minimum day for school allowed me to take the kids out to lunch, which was fun.  They chose Jersey Mike's :)


Jerrod said…
so blessed to have a cute family like yours :)
Kelly said…
The pumpkin patch was always such a fun tmoms outing. I'm so impressed with your reading! You totally put me to shame😕
Christy said…
High five on all the reading. We can be reading soul sisters. I think I'm up to 3-4 books a month and it's my "happy place" at night before bed.
I enjoyed catching up on your blog, the beach IS the best in October you're right.
So glad you are enjoying all the little fun kid stuff...Morgan has been so excited to be spending time with your kiddos again. She loves them!
Be blessed this Fall season my friend and don't work to hard. ;)

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