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Matt had his birthday on October 26th.  We had the Floreses over and had a yummy meal.

Everett had been ready to potty train, so I cleared out my schedule for a week so we could stay home and work on it. He's done really well and is only wearing diapers at nap and bed time, yay.

Snuggled up with my reading buddy on a Sunday afternoon :)  Oh and the dog, haha.

Feeding the duckies at the park... simple toddler joys!
I got to drive on Ethan's fieldtrip to the San Bernardino County Museum. 
Piggy picnic!
A 24 hour stomach bug made it's way around our house, fun times... lol.   This was the only fun part about it... but let's be real, between taking care of my kids and dragging myself out on a photoshoot that couldn't be rescheduled I only did this for a little bit.

 Park time after school one Friday.  I LOVE when we can do this.

Everett loves coffee.  Crazy kid.  I give him a little creamer, a little coffee, and then some water.  He'll drink several cups if I …

The Oates Visit

James and Faith came out for five days and stayed with us again this year.  It was so much fun to see them and spend time with them.

Lots of selfies of course :)

Everett LOVES Oatsey and is glued to him at all times, lol. 
While they were here we hosted our Thursday night crew.  It was such fun to have everyone together again.

Faith had really wanted to go to the beach while they were here because she misses it a lot, so on Saturday we went.  The weather was awesome and it was warm enough to be in our suits and playing in the sand.  Hardly anyone else was there, so that made it even better! 

I did a little of what I like to do best at the beach, sit in my chair and read :)

The reason they came was so that James could golf in the RCS golf tournament, which they have done for the past 12 or so years.  They always match and this year's outfit was awesome.

I got a babysitter for that day and Faith and I spent the day at Glen Ivy, which was GLORIOUS.  The weather couldn't have b…

Ethan turns 9

Ethan turned 9 on November 1st.  I can't beleive he's almost to the double digits.  Where has time gone????  We had family over and had dinner and cake.  He was super pumped to get a little drone (nothing fancy), and a lava lamp.  Those were two things he had really wanted.

He was also pumped to get the rest of the books for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, so now he has them all.  Both him and Alayna really enjoy reading them. 
And a couple of randoms of my big 9 year old. 

Halloween 2016

Our annual small group Halloween party.  Which really isn't a huge party, but we always dress up :)  I got off easy with my kids this year, a recycled race car outfit for Everett that used to be Ethan's, Ethan wore his costume from last year, and Alayna was a butterfly. 

On the actual day of Halloween, we just trick or treated around our neighborhood.  Being we are like one of two families on our whole block that have kids, the kids end up receiving hand fulls of candy at each house, so they got a lot!  We always like the chance to go around our neighborhood, as we hardly ever see our neighbors.

Matt came up with this costume for us, and even made it with his huge printer at work :)
The Carnes, Beauty and the Beast

The Kerns were a family of pirates
And funny, the Odenbaughs were also a family of pirates.  No one knows ahead of time who is dressing up as what, so it's funny to get two families dress the same.
Jeff and his girls (Carmen was out of town), as birds :)