Matt had his birthday on October 26th.  We had the Floreses over and had a yummy meal.

Everett had been ready to potty train, so I cleared out my schedule for a week so we could stay home and work on it. He's done really well and is only wearing diapers at nap and bed time, yay.

Snuggled up with my reading buddy on a Sunday afternoon :)  Oh and the dog, haha.

Feeding the duckies at the park... simple toddler joys!

I got to drive on Ethan's fieldtrip to the San Bernardino County Museum. 

Piggy picnic!

A 24 hour stomach bug made it's way around our house, fun times... lol.   This was the only fun part about it... but let's be real, between taking care of my kids and dragging myself out on a photoshoot that couldn't be rescheduled I only did this for a little bit.

 Park time after school one Friday.  I LOVE when we can do this.

Everett loves coffee.  Crazy kid.  I give him a little creamer, a little coffee, and then some water.  He'll drink several cups if I let him! I don't drink creamer myself, so he was pretty excited to have it at home when the Oates were visiting.

Veterans Day.... we went up to Oak Glen for a few hours and enjoyed the beauty.


Kelly said…
That is just too funny that Everett likes coffee! Hooray for you last one potty trained. Kind of said, too, I suppose? That pic of Ford Park pond brings back so many memories of visits there with my kids... :(

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