Saturday Morning

As is typical this time of year my big camera seems to sit in my camera bag at home.  The other week I left it out so I would be motivated to snap a few pictures of my own family.  I'm always glad I do and to be honest it's fun to use it just for fun sometimes :)  One of our favorite family times each week is our weekly Saturday morning breakfasts.  I always make something yummy and we enjoy in our jammies before we start on chores.

This cracks me up because Everett did this when I asked him to strike a pose the other day.  Then I told him to show Matt his pose and he kept doing this same thing.

Here he is striking a pose a few days before this one....

Sweet eskimo kisses!

Alayna doing what she loves... reading :)

Ethan, doing one of the things he loves, decorating his room :)  He is really cute with how he loves to decorate his room for the holidays this year.

Later I walked in on this scene... hmmmm... Alayna putting makeup on Everett.

Inday is up next... lol.


Kelly said…
I think that is so cute that Ethan gets so into decorating his room. :) I bet it's fun to see what he comes up with. Love Everett's pose!

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