Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving Break

We enjoyed Thanksgiving break, but was quite busy.  We started off with our Thursday night group annual Friendsgiving hosted by the Carnes.  All the food was delicious as always!

The next night my mom babysat and we got to go out to the dessert to celebrate Shaina's 30th birthday.  It was a ton of fun complete with dancing and a fancy dinner.

My kids had the week off from school.  That first day off it was rainy, so we decided to try out the new indoor gym/play place in Redlands.  My kids all had a blast. 

We enjoyed some lovely weather the next day, and took advantage and went to the park.

During Thanksgiving break my kids got to babysit our friend's two piggies, who are also boys.  They loved having four pigs together for the week :) 

Thanksgiving morning... all snuggled up in our bed, a wonderful and rare occurrence to have a slow start to a morning. 

I took the boys out for a nice bike ride Thanksgiving morning.  Everett just get to enjoy the ride in his bike seat :)

We went over to Marlene's and the kids had a blast with their cousins all day. 

Annette and her family were able to come down (all but her oldest daughter).  So we had a full table this year :)

On Black Friday we met up with the Christensens in Oak Glen for a bit. The weekend after Thanksgiving is always the Apple Butter Festival up there. We ended up going back the next day as well to press apple cider (which we had never done).  It was fun, and delicious. 

Ethan enjoyed throwing tomahawks.

 We also decorated for Christmas and did two trees this year, which is so festive and fun.  I think it might become a new tradition.

In between all of that I also had several photoshoots, so it wasn't exactly a restful week, but it was nice to have everyone together :)


Kelly said…
Fancy dinner and dancing? I bet the last time you were able to do something like that was pre-kids!! :)
I love that pic of our kids and the piggies. I'm glad another adult gets equal laughs/enjoyment out of them like I do (actually Chris does too!). The tomahawk throwing looks awesome!

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