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New Year's

The Floreses came over on New Year's Eve for a fancy dinner and sleepover.  We made an amazing prime rib dinner and we even dressed up. It was such a fun evening.  We let the four big kids stay up until midnight for the first time ever.  They toasted their apple cider at midnight and did poppers outside, then went right to bed :)

It was raining and so we let the big boys take apart this broken vacuum in the garage.  Fun fun!

 On New Year's Day we made our traditional Ollie Bollen and hung out in our jammies.  We stayed in our jammies until the little ones went down for their naps, haha. Then we hung out in the spa and relaxed some more.  We drank coffee, munched, played Wii, and colored :)  The big boys spent the day out front hanging out on the drift trikes. It was so nice and relaxing, especially after such a busy month.

A beautiful hike

We had gorgeous weather for two days this week while Matt was off, and so we headed over to the Crafton Hills for a lovely hike. It was sunny and 70 degrees and crystal clear.    Yucaipa sure is a beautiful town to live in and we love it here!

The snow capped mountains are so beautiful.  And everything is finally greening up a little after some much needed rain.
And what's better than a soak in the spa in the afternoon after a hike?  Vacation at home :)

Boxing Day with the Floreses

We were so excited to get to have our annual Boxing Day at the Floreses once again this year.  They have gone through quite a challenging year while they have searched for a new position for Danny.  They ended this year with the very exciting news that Danny will be pastoring a church in Healdsburg, which is in Sonoma County in Northern California.  They hope to be living up there by the end of winter.  This is such a wonderful place and they are so excited that God is taking them up there.  We are excited to see what God has in store for them and will do through them. We are also SO so sad that we won't have them nearby any longer.  I've had Jolene nearby since I was 12!!!!  So this holiday season was a little bittersweet knowing it might be our last Boxing Day together.

We had such a relaxing day together the day after Christmas.  We talked, laughed, ate a lot, played a few games and played a bunch of Just Dance on the Wii.  Goodness we love these people and are so thankful …

Christmas at Marlene's

After Everett napped on Christmas we went over to Marlene's to celebrate with her and Mike and Heather and family.  We had appetizers and opened presents and hung out :)