Boxing Day with the Floreses

We were so excited to get to have our annual Boxing Day at the Floreses once again this year.  They have gone through quite a challenging year while they have searched for a new position for Danny.  They ended this year with the very exciting news that Danny will be pastoring a church in Healdsburg, which is in Sonoma County in Northern California.  They hope to be living up there by the end of winter.  This is such a wonderful place and they are so excited that God is taking them up there.  We are excited to see what God has in store for them and will do through them. We are also SO so sad that we won't have them nearby any longer.  I've had Jolene nearby since I was 12!!!!  So this holiday season was a little bittersweet knowing it might be our last Boxing Day together.

We had such a relaxing day together the day after Christmas.  We talked, laughed, ate a lot, played a few games and played a bunch of Just Dance on the Wii.  Goodness we love these people and are so thankful for the sweet friendship God has blessed our families with.

Our crew!  They all love each other!

These boys have been BFF's since they were in our bellies. They are getting so BIG!

Working off a few of those calories with some Wii dancing.

These two are up to trouble, hehe.


Kelly said…
I think it's super rare and so awesome that you have couple friends where both the husbands and wives click so well. I'm so happy for them and their move. :)

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