Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was so much fun... I just love having kids this age, they make it so fun and exciting.  We had a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls and then dove into presents.

 Ethan was super stoked about the toolbox and real tools that Matt got him :)

A comfy chair for Alayna's room so she has a place to read.
 A new pair of blades for Ethan as well. 

Alayna wanted pictures of her guinea pig in front of the tree, since it was his first Christmas, hehe.

Matt got me roller-blades (which I'd been asking for), and I'm pumped.  I LOVE THEM!  It's so much fun to be able to blade again. 

Alayna received kits if craft supplies

My mom's friend was getting rid of her WII, and so she got it for our kids.  They've been having fun :)


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