February Snapshots

I can't beleive it's the last day of February.

Ethan and I went on a hike up to the peak of the Crafton Hills one Saturday morning.  It was so much fun to do a harder hike and with no hiking backpack :)

Grainy picture, but I bought her this shirt and she loves it because it's the truth!  :)

Enjoying one of the few sunny and warm days we've had recently.  With all this cold and rain we have soaked up the days that are warmer and sunny :)

A bubble gun.... it brought him so much joy :)

As did this $1.00 balloon.... ahhh, it's the little things I tell you.  This was on a day that we found out we had to get the transmission replaced on my car.... which was $3,000..... ugh.  Adulting is hard sometimes!

We got to have a date night.  We had drinks at J. Riley distillery in Redlands and then went to King's Fish House for dinner.

The kids at school on Valentine's Day with their friends. 

Some very sweet neighbors (who don't even have little kids) let my kids climb their tree.  They go over there quite often.  It's definitely a fun tree to climb!

Guinea pig checkup time.

Alayna and I with fresh haircuts.  We got a lot chopped off hers, and I'm letting mine grow out, so I just got a shapeup. 


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