Goodbye Floreses

It's been a sad week as the Floreses packed up and moved to Healdsburg.  Lots of tears were shed and we are so sad that they will no longer be near.  Of course we're thrilled for this new journey for them and we will visit, but man will we miss our bi-monthly dinners, beach days, pool days... and just being able to see them often.  Close friends that you do life with are truly such a joy and blessing.

Hanging out is always so much fun because everyone has a buddy... including the dogs!

They came over on Valentine's Day and it was the last time getting to have them over just for dinner.  The next time will have to be a trip!  We made a yummy dinner.

I met Jolene when I was 12.  That's only three years older than Ethan is right now.  We've always been like sisters, and of course we always will be.  But this is the first time we won't live in the same area.  She's been nearby for the last 23 years... 2/3 of my life!!!!


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