January Randoms

I've been busier than normal for January, I had a wedding and a few other sessions, hence my lack of blogging. 

 On the day after the Rose Parade (January 3rd this year), the kids and I went with my mom and the Hathcoats to see the Rose Parade floats on display.  It was really neat to see them up close.  It's amazing how much detail that goes into them that you just don't see on TV.  Alayna the naturalist was in heaven of course, loving figuring out what all of the different elements were.  Don't be fooled by my pictures, I was actually surprised at how crowded it was and pushing Everett in the stroller was quite challenging.  If we were to go again I would definitely want to go sans stroller.
 It was fun getting to see the Hathcoats (my dad's sister Karri's family) while they were here.  The kids loved playing with my cousins Kyle and Kevin.

Alayna got an EZ Bake Oven for Christmas and enjoyed making a few things over our break.

Ethan was proud of this structure he built out of blocks and wanted me to take a picture.

Carmen once again hosted a very fancy five course holiday dinner for our small group.  It was amazing!

The kids and I met up with Lea and Teresa at the indoor playground in Redlands one day over Christmas break. 

I took the kids to see Moana over Christmas break.  It was really cute and it was the first new movie I have taken the kids to see in a theater since having Everett :)  Thanks to lots of snacks we were able to make it through the movie. 

Alayna bought a little tea set and was having fun putting together tea parties for everyone.  She was so cute and excited about it. 

 The kids set up a school one day in the playroom.  As you can see Ethan is the teacher, haha.

Enjoying some sunshine in between the storms in January!

This has been our longest stretch not getting snow since we've lived in Yucaipa (it's been over a year since we had snow).  We almost got some the other week, but ended up not getting any.  We drove up the road so the kids could make a few snowballs.

Muffins for Mom at school... I got to go into each of the kids classrooms for a little treat and activity before school. 

Friday night shenanigans... lol.  The kids thought it was fun hanging from the rafters.
 Pushing the piggies in the doll stroller.... which I'm pretty sure is more amusing for the kids tahn the pigs, lol.

Me last Sunday afternoon.. loving the warmth and the sun.


Kelly said…
Hooray for Everett sticking out his first movie!! I don't have the motivation to go to the actual Rose Parade, but it's nice to know the after stuff could be a fun option. :)

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